Hello Kitty Themed Party

If you want to create a Hello Kitty birthday Party, then  is a great theme for your little girls birthday party.  Luckily there are plenty of decorations and accessories for a Hello Kitty themed party and also plenty of Hello Kitty birthday cakes to create or buy!

Find Hello Kitty invitations, Hello Kitty balloons and Hello Kitty birthday cakes and lots lots more!

Hello Kitty Party Invitations

If you want to print your own Hello Kitty Party invitations, you can order some personalised ones on many websites that you can then print out on your own printer, I prefer to use ebay to order a personalised invitation, the prices are quite low and ebay offers payment protection.

If you are looking for free Hello Kitty Invitations that you can print out and then fill in, I have some here:

http://hellokittycolouring.blogspot.com – this site has a couple of hello kitty party invitations to choose from.  This site is great for the inviations but also you can print out the colouring pages so that you could create a craft corner in your party based on the Hello Kitty Theme.

If you don’t want to pay for the printing and just want to buy some ready made Invitations you can fill in, then you can buy some from Amazon.  Here are the invitations that you can currently buy:

Hello Kitty Party Invitation

Hello Kitty Party Invitation from Amazon

Hello Kitty Party Invitations

Hello Kitty Party Invitations from Amazon


Hello Kitty Party Games

One obvious Hello Kitty activity is to setup a facepainting corner so that you can give everyone a hello Kitty face.  You can of course also do other facepaints for the kids who don’t want a hello kitty face.  Facepainting is very easy and you don’t have to be a professional to do it, if you don’t want to do it yourself try and get a relative or friend to do it.
Party Pack Face Painting Kit – these face paints had great reviews, and is a relatively cheap form of entertainment at your Hello Kitty Birthday Party, Hello Kitty also do temporary tattoos, but some parents may object to you putting them on their kids so I would just play safe and stick with the Face Paining.

A favorite game of mine is the Pinata, keeps the kids occupied and wears them out for their parents!  Of course there is a Hello Kitty Pinata available, with a useful pull string so if the kids can’t open it with a stick then pull the string! Hello Kitty Pinata

Instead of Pin the tail on the Donkey, you could play pin the bow on the kitty.  This will need some preperation, but lucky for us, the Hello Kitty Figure is a very basic drawing to copy and something you can create with the lucky birthday girl.

Pass the parcel is another favorite of mine you could put in the packages Hello Kitty party favors, put one in each layer of paper that way everyone can win a prize!

Create a craft corner where the kids can go and colour in Hello Kitty Colouring Pages, there are plenty of sites online where you can download and print free colouring pages or you can of course order a set of colouring pages.



Hello Kitty Birthday Cakes

Fortunately there are plenty of Hello Kitty Birthday Cakes to find some inspiration from, plus if you are not very creative when baking a cake there are plenty of pre made cake toppers so that you could buy a plain cake and then use the premade cake toppings to create the hello kitty theme.

Here are some pictures of hello kitty cakes to give you some inspiration, these cakes are absolutely stunning!

You can of course buy Some Cake Toppers which are premade in the Hello Kitty Theme, this is great if you just want to buy a plain cake and then add some decorations to theme it in line with your party.

Hello Kitty Party Decorations and supplies


Get Hello Kitty Party Supplies Here:

There are plenty of balloons, paper plates and table sets to choose from:

Hello Kitty Party Supplies

Or on our Store Page, select Hello Kitty Party Supplies category for everything you need

If you want some more inspiration, your party can look really cool, check out this video

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Table setup and cake

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