Avengers themed party for kids

The Avengers Assemble is the movie released in 2012, it includes those well known super heroes Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hulk perfect for an avengers themed party.  These are all characters from the very successful Marvel Comic Series where they collect all the best super heroes into a team called SHIELD who fight evil and defend the world.  The characters are excellent for using as a theme for party supplies as the characters are great fun with their own special powers, every child will have their own favorite, its great also because there are plenty of characters to use in the party theme.

If you want to throw an amazing Avengers themed party you will need to make sure you have the right Avengers themed party supplies

The Best way to start is to get some cool avengers themed party invitations, there are plenty to choose from, here are a sample of awesome avengers themed party invitations to make an extra fun party!


Avengers themed Party Invitations


The Avengers Invitations
These are the official Avengers Invitations which are licensed to Hallmark, they are excellent invitations that are quite reasonably priced with the official Avengers pictures to accompany the invitation

Bespoke Printable Avengers Party Invitations


Avengers Assemble invitation

The Avengers customised Invitation

I always like to add in a sample from Etsy as the sellers on that site create some lovely hand made invitations, some you can print, others they will print for you.  If you want your party to stand out I would recommend getting an Etsy invitation as they will tailor it to your party

Here is my favorite Etsy Printable Avengers Party Invitation which you can personalise for your own party.







Avengers Party Pack

You will also need a good party pack that includes plates, napkins and table covers, this is an excellent pack and I do recommend you get a few for the party to really create a cool setting for an awesome party.

The Avengers Deluxe Party Pack for 8
The Avengers Deluxe Party Pack for 8

The theme also includes all of the characters that make the Avengers such a draw for the kids







Avengers Centerpiece or Activity

I have found the most amazing Printable centre piece or even an activity that can be done with the kids if you print out enough for a party game, plus it will be something they can take home with them!  I love arts and crafts and this one is a cool one!  check it out here its  Marvel Avengers printable models that you stick together, you can print and create Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Iron Man and many more!  I love this and will share some pictures once I have stuck them together with the kids!  I’m also hoping they will do one for the Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed Party

Check it out here Paper Model Avengers

Avengers Cake Ideas

Creating an awesome Avengers cake will get your creativity going, if you like to bake you will have fun with plenty of original ideas for the ultimate avengers cake.  If you are not so creative you can always buy one from your local cake decorator or you can bake a simple cake and get the kids to help you to decorate it using premade Avengers themed cake toppers.  Check out these lovely Avengers themed cakes to inspire you!

If you decide on a Marvel Avengers cake topper, check this one out from Amazon, its a cool design and very easy to replicate, it would be hard to mess it up!

Marvel Avengers Light up Cake Topper, Decoration

Marvel Avengers Light up Cake Topper, Decoration

The Letter A actually glows, a very cool cake!

Marvel Avengers Superhero Cupcake Rings - 12 ct

Marvel Avengers Superhero Cupcake Rings – 12 ct

Excellent little themed cupcake toppers ideal for a party, try and ice your cupcakes like the picture for maximum effect!




Avengers Printable Masks

Disney have thankfully made some easy to put together masks that you can print at home and set out for your party, just make sure there are plenty to go around, you don’t want everyone fighting over the Iron Man Masks!  Wonderfully fun for the kids and another little keepsake for them to take home.

Check out all of the Disney themed Avengers Printables here which includes coloring pages which you could also print and use as a party game activity.

 Avengers Party Game Ideas

The Avengers Scavenger Hunt Party Game

The Avengers Scavenger Hunt Party Game

A great way to keep your kids entertained for an hour at the party, this can be a lifesaver if you are struggling for Avengers themed party games.